Chinese ‘Tsunami Pool’ Malfunctions Injures 44 swimmers, Frightening Video goes Viral!

At least 44 people were injured in a bizarre accident in ‘Tsunami Pool’ at a water park in Northeastern China. Swimmers who were relaxing in the subtle wave pool were taken aback when a massive came crashing on them.

A 10-sec frightening video clip which is doing rounds on the internet shows a wave quickly gaining speed and height causing bather smashed onto the sidewalls and some swimmer being hurled out of the pool, even grounding the bystanders. A ‘mechanical’ malfunction in the wave generator was reported by the park officials for causing the massive wave.

The parks’ visitors were treated with some more amusement than they paid for this Tuesday at Yulong Shaiyan Water Park, Longjing, China. At least five swimmers are still being treated at the local hospital some with broken ribs, a source reported.

A statement released by Longjing City Government after preliminary investigation attributed the mishap due to power cut which damaged the electronic equipment in pool control causing too big waves and injuring the visitors, South China Morning Post reports.

The closer of water park pending an investigation was reported by The Washington Post.

The rumors of a worker wrongly operating the pool circulating over social media were brushed by the park officials who also added,” The park was closed for a day for repairs. The investigation is over now, and the park will open as usual tomorrow.”

Next, be sure and secure before visiting a wave pool, might give you goosebumps of a tsunami and amused beyond your thoughts.