Caroline Flack, 40, pleads not guilty for attacking her boyfriend

Ahead of trial in March, Caroline Flack pleads not guilty.

The former Love Island star was arrested last week on the charges of assault following a row with her boyfriend that made him raise the alarm and call 999. The 40-year-old English TV and radio presenter arrived at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on Monday morning with boyfriend Lewis Burton also in attendance. Caroline Flack has pleaded not guilty ahead of March trial to assaulting Lewis Burton.

Caroline was said to be in tears as she made her way to the court and broke down once again while sitting in the dock of the courtroom. Hours before her hearing, she posted on Instagram that it’s the worst time of her life. She doesn’t know where to go to, where to look, whom to trust or who even she is.

Caroline Flack pleads not guilty to assaulting her boyfriend.
Picture: Instagram | @carolineflack

Last week, she announced that she is stepping down from her role as presenter of Winter Love Island, with Laura Whitmore taking her place as she doesn’t want any unnecessary attraction to the winter edition of the show.

Caroline has been charged with assaulting her boyfriend, the former professional tennis player at her flat in Islington, on 12th December. Police confirmed her arrest on 13th December.

According to a leading media portal, prosecutor Katie Weiss told district judge Netwon in court that a Police Officer described the scene like that from a horror movie. She said that a call was received on 999 at 5:25 AM on 12th December wherein Lewis raised the alarm of assault on him and accused his girlfriend, Caroline Flack for it. Police immediately made their way to the mentioned address and after 8 minutes of continuous knocking when the door was finally opened, the couple was covered in blood.

However, defense lawyer Paul Morris defending his client stated that Lewis isn’t the victim of assault and he doesn’t support the prosecution. Paul further added that Lewis wouldn’t suggest that the injuries are significant in the way the prosecution submitted. Denying the claims heard in court, Lewis wrote on Instagram that it’s heart-breaking that he can’t see his girlfriend over Christmas. What he witnessed was horrible. He also added that she did not hit him with a lamp.

Caroline has been released on conditional bail. She isn’t allowed to keep any contact with Lewis during her time out.