Cardi B facing lawsuit for her Halloween costume of Ms. Marge Simpson

This year’s Halloween costume laid her into legal action

Cardi B, a noted American songwriter, and rapper is best known for her iconic songs released over the past years. While the songwriter enjoys her massive fan followers worldwide, she recently attracted legal trouble for her Halloween costume.

As per reports, an artist complained to the rapper, Cardi B for not being authorized to use the artwork of the Simpsons while she dressed up as Marge Simpson for Halloween.

Cardi B as Ms. Marge Simpson

Cardi B earlier took onto her official Instagram handle and shared glimpses of her Halloween costume, where she was seen dressed up in a costume of The Simpson’s character Ms. Marge Simpson.

While the internet was buzzing over her Halloween costume of the scintillating avatar, an Italian artist named AleXsandro Palombo, who transformed The Simpsons in his art in 2013 for his series titled, Marge Simpsons Style Icons, took legal action against the rapper.

The Italian artist’s legal action against the songwriter

A report recently revealed that the Italian artist hired an intellectual property law specialist attorney Claudio Volpi who released a statement regarding the rapper revealing that Cardi B unlawfully appropriated the work of AleXsandro Palombo.

Volpi also stated that Carbi B illegitimately used to work of the Italian Artist AleXsandro Palombo for mere business purposes in defiance of the most elementary rules on copyright and Instagram policies with the risks of both compensations and discredit for her public images.

The claim of Alexsandro Palombo, The Simpson’s artist

The attorney Volpi further claimed that the artist did reach out to Cardi B through his publicist to the rapper’s stylist and photographer about the pictures, however, one of them later claimed that she hadn’t been aware there was an artist behind the image previously and would be happy to add credits.

Cardi B

The artist had also claimed that he requested them to share a post while giving him the credits but it was not done.

The artist recently sent a notice to Cardi B but no lawsuit has been filed against her yet.

The formal notice included the names of the rapper’s stylist and photographers along with the chairperson of Atlantic Records requesting them to publish a remedial post within seven days along with his credit added to it.