Showrunners of ‘Wednesday’ to introduce more Intriguing angles of The Addams Family

Co-showrunners, Miles Miller & Al Gough says “We Just Touched The Surface” with Wednesday 

The new Netflix series, Wednesday, shows the titular character named Wednesday Addams played by Jenna Ortega, providing us with an edgy glimpse into her world. With so much hype and well-deserved reviews which are to be really good, there is already a raise in regard to Season 2 in the light of excitement.

Coming to which, even without any official confirmation on the upcoming season, co-showrunners Miles Miller and Al Gough already are building a potential plot and have ideas for what it might be. In an interview with TVLine, if the show gets renewed for another season, the writers “absolutely” want to incorporate more of the Wednesday family as there hasn’t been much of their story except just now and then for while.

The Addams Family

In a recent release on MTV News, Ortega and Emma Myers spoke about their experiences and other outside characters/their own opinions on certain things regarding the series.

Jenna Ortega said, she felt immense pressure to do right by her character as she has never played a character that has been done before, so that really interested her in taking on performing one. At a point when Emma asked if Christina (Ricci) ever gave her advice on Wednesday, Ortega replies “I think when she was on set, neither one of us said Wednesday once to each other.”

To whatever happened till now, Wednesday is a girl who only views the world in black and white and who discovers that there are shades of grey. She gains a fresh perspective on her family and friends as she begins to peel on the layers of the mysteries that were being revealed to her. The tale shows the struggles in Wednesday’s journey while maintaining her “outsider” viewpoint, which showrunners plan to explore this theme more in season two.

The show has won over all around the world with its uniqueness and is said to be the best seasonal offering on Netflix in recent times.