Cara Delevinge performed ‘Sweet Home Albama’ on the sets! Find out what is so special about the performance.

Who said that actors could not possess skills other than acting? Well, Cara Delevinge is here to answer all those who doubt the talents she possesses apart from her acting skills. Beatboxing and guitar playing is the most recent revelation from Cara’s ‘Talent box.’

Cara Jocelyn Delevinge is a model, actress, and singer of English origin. She was awarded with the ‘Model of the Year’ title twice by the; British Fashion Awards’ in 2012 and 2014. Starting off with a small role in ‘Anna Karenina,’ in 2012 she moved on to doing films like ‘Paper Towns’ (2015), ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016) and ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ (2017) in which she had notable features.

Cara Delevinge performed 'Sweet Home Albama' on the sets! Find out what is so special about the performance. 1
Cara Develinge

While being the guest of the night at ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ Cara performed ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd’s over a guitar. Well, not an ordinary guitar performance that was. She did the song while playing the guitar in ‘Hendrix-style’! The actress played the entire portion while holding the guitar behind her head.


The singer-actress is of the view that she gains pleasure playing the musical instruments in a different-than-ordinary way. She quotes, “I always think with musical instruments it’s always fun to play them how other people don’t.” Adding further, she said, “Because it’s like, you get taught how to do things, and I like to do them unconventionally.”

‘The Roots,’ the band on the set of the show joined her during the course of play when Jimmy, not being able to hold his excitement any longer, screamed, “That’s how you do it right there!”