Captain America becomes a spy: Netflix sinks low with ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’.

The movie The Red Sea Diving Resort released on Netflix today on July 31, 2019. The film runs around a group of special agents who are on a mission to safely transport beleaguered Ethiopian Jews who strand in refugee camps of Sudan to Israel.

A still from the film.

However, the movie seems to be over-dramatic. The dialogues of the film are not strong enough to hold the interest of the audience until the end.

In the film, a group of special service agents decide to transport the Ethiopian Jews from Sudan to Israel safely. For that, they make a plan to run a fake luxury beach resort in the day where real tourists came. Whereas at night, the agents secretly drove the Jews back to safety in Israel.

The film has quite an interesting storyline, but the problem comes with the casting, dialogues and everything else.

Chris Evans as Ari Levinson.

Chris Evans often called as the eternal avenger Captain America plays the role of Ari Levinson, the leader of the Israeli spy team. However, he could not do complete justice to his character. The creator portrayed him as a freak, who keeps on doing pull-ups almost all the time. He is so impulsive to save the Ethiopian Jews that it even cost him his own family and his wife and child left him. However, this incident does not affect his impulse at all.

There are thousands of Ethiopian jews showed like cattle in the film. These jews are running in wordless desperation, and no other jew is shown having many dialogues except Kabede, their leader. Michael Kenneth Williams plays the part of the jews leader and is surely wasting his talent over this character.

Michael Kenneth Williams (front) as Kabede in the film.

In the end, the film contains brief nudity and improper language but might get appreciation as well due to its storyline.