BTS’ Suga, Park Min Young, NCT’s Doyoung, Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, and other Korean Artists Join Together to Help the Wildfire Victims

A Large Wildfire In The Eastern Coast Of Korea

On the Eastern coast of Korea, near the seaside town of Uljin, in the provinces of North Gyeonsang, a large wildfire broke out. It broke out on 4th of March 2022, Friday on a mountain, later, it had spread to the nearby city of Samcheok in Gangwon Province.

Further, it had continued to spread to other eastern coastal cities which includes Gangneung and Donghae.

List of Donations As Per The Dates

After hearing such news and with a sight of misery, the Hope Bridge Association Of The National Disaster Relief stood-up. Further, they received donations from many stars which will be used for sheltering the victims. The victims will be provided an emergency relief kit and the firefighters will be furnished with all the necessities.

On the very next day of the incident, on 5th of March 2022, the association received a donation of $40,527. It was from Park Bo Young to help the victims.

6th Of March

Then, on 6th of March 2022, Lee Je Hoon had donated an amount of $81,000 to the association to give relief to the victims and for the loss. After that, he said that he hope that enough supplies for the relief are collected and provided to the victims. Even to the firefighters who are at work. At last, he hopes that the fire get extinguished as soon as possible.

7th Of March

Further, on 7th of March 2022, the assistant information the world that they had received 100 million Won that is $81,000 each from superstars. Those include Shin Min Ah, Park Min Young, Lee Jong Suk, Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Hye soo. Their support will be used to relief the victims further donation by Shin Min Ah will also be used for further necessities. Even, Yoon Se Ah donated 10 million Won to the association. Further, he posted the certificate on his Instagram account.

Donation certificate
From @lovesoonyea

Later on, Song Hye Kya donated $81,000 (100 million Won) through Republic of Korea National Red Cross. Further, she commented that she hope that the victims who lost their home could return to their daily life as soon as possible. Even, Jun Hyun Moo made a donation of 100 million Won through the Community Chest Of Korea.

8th Of March

Further, on 8th March, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin made a joint donation of 290 million Won. Later, NCT’s Doyoung also donated an amount of 30 million Won to the Hope Bridge Association.

We hope that all the victims get well and back to their regular lifestyle as soon as possible.