BTS’ Park Jimin tests positive for Covid-19, Undergoes Acute Appendicitis Surgery

Jimin Tests Positive for Covid, underwent Appendix Surgery

BTS‘ Jimin, tested positive for Covid-19 and also underwent an appendicitis surgery on Monday. The idol’s management agency, BigHit Msic announced on WeVerse that the singer is recovering from the surgery and has mild Covid-19 symptoms. BigHit released an official statement informing ARMYs regarding his current condition. The statement said that Jimin felt abdominal pain and sore throat on January 30.

BTS' Park Jimin tests positive for Covid-19 and Undergoes Acute Appendicitis

BigHit’s Official Statement

He went to the hospital and tested positive for Covid-19. Along with that, he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. The next day, he underwent a surgery. The surgery was successful and he is currently recovering. The company assured the fans that he didn’t come in contact with the other members. Jimin has a mild sore throat, and is recovering fast according to the company.

BTS, is a Kpop band consisting of 7 members. They made their debut in 2013 and gained popularity worldwide after their hit single DNA. The group certainly has a lot of fans all over the world. The group calls their fans ARMYs who shower the guys with love from across the globe.

RM, Jin and Suga the members of the boy band also tested positive for Covid-19 earlier. Luckily, all of them recovered and so will Jimin. The fans are disheartened at this news. ARMYs are sending all their prayers to the 26 year old pop-star.

BTS' Park Jimin tests positive for Covid-19 and Undergoes Acute Appendicitis
Instagram/ bts.bighitofficial

ARMYs Wishing him a Quick Recovery

Their fans all across the world are wishing him a quick recovery. Rapper, Min Yoongi or Suga also went through appendicitis surgery previously. The members went to see him. However, Jimin will not have visitors because of Covid-19.

The members recently made their Instagram accounts where they share parts of their lives with ARMYs. The band also interacts with their fans through WeVerse and Vlive, apps that host artist-fan interactions.