Life and Death In The Warehouse Gets A Green Light From BBC Three

Life and Death In The Warehouse approved!

The new factual drama Life and Death In The Warehouse has got a greenlight from BBC Three. The factual drama is going to be created by the BAFTA winning team. Nonetheless, the upcoming drama on BBC Three is a real story based drama. Additionally, the BAFTA team that gave Killed By My Debt & Murdered By My Father drama is also working behind the upcoming factual drama.

Life and Death In The Warehouse, a real story

Life and Death In The Warehouse

Beside a lot of speculation around the upcoming drama, it is reported that it’s a real story of a worker. Evidently, the factual drama is going to be about a warehouse worker who gets exploited at the workplace. Indeed, the story connects with many other workers who struggles at their workplace.

The BBC Three drama is believed to be of a reputed company. The warehouse company that gives little or no priority to their workers. The harsh and struggling life of the workers has been highlighted in the Life and Death In The Warehouse.

BBC Three gave a greenlight to the factual drama

Murdered by my father

The drama produced for BBC Three has already got its approval. All you can expect to see in this factual drama is a story of a pregnant woman who deals with the work load and her unborn baby. Clearly, the story would narrate how the pregnant lady is forced to raise her pick rate neglecting the impact of it on her baby. Furthermore, the story would throw lights on how the distribution centre neglects humanity over their work harming the life of the workers.

The drama would run for 1 hour at the BBC Three showing and highlighting the modern work culture in the warehouse. Moreover, a rumour around the drama even said that the company highlighted in the upcoming drama is Amazon. Yet, some reports have refuted the drama to be of Amazon.