BREAKUP from Camila Cabello had take a toll on Shawn Mendes MENTAL HEALTH??

Shawn Mendes Finally Breaks Silence On His Breakup With Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been the most adorable and cute couple. The love birds were often spotted together holding hands of each other and looking much in love with one another. However, what shocked all after that was when both Shawn and Camila called off their relationship. Though ever since then they haven’t talked much about their breakup, here’s the latest video of Shawn describing how his life feels like after his breakup.

Shawn Mendes opened up about his post breakup life in a video

Mendes and Cabello were in relationship for about more than two years. However, it was back in November last year when the duo decided to part their ways. While Cabello and Mendes have been both sharing their feelings through their songs, the new video shared by Mendes on his social media has all know about his life post breakup.

On March 18th , Mendes shared a video on his social media where he could be seen sitting near a piano. The video certainly had him talking about how his song resonating with the breakup life. Also, he can be heard in the video how it feels bad when one realises that they are now on their own. He shared how it earlier feels fine to breakup, but you struggle later with the consequences of a breakup.

Camila Cabello on her breakup with Mendes

Shawn Mendes
Instagram/ Camila Cabello

Camila certainly had an amazing relationship with Mendes. However, both seems to be moving on ahead in their life post breakup. While Mendes recently poured his heart in a video. Camila Cabello has never had her feelings get bitter for Mendes even after the breakup. She recently bared her heart about the split.

She still loves Mendes and maintains her friendship with Mendes till date. They have been spotted together too post their breakup. Meanwhile, both are doing fine in their respective professional life too.

Shawn Mendes has canceled his tours

Ever since Mendes and Camila split, he seems to be on the edge of losing his will to create music and perform for his fans.

We can see the clear change in Mendes’ tweet. The music was about heartbreak and loneliness, something that we’d never heard from Mendes before. It’s clear that the loss of Cabello has taken a toll on him.

And now he is not coming out of the shadows, but maybe, it’s just us thinking that way, maybe he is focussing on himself and trying to get back to himself and focussing his energy to find what he truly is capable of.

We just hope for better health and he gets back to us with New and lively music of his!!

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