Dexter: New Blood Shows Shocking Entry of a New Character!

Dexter: New Blood – Will it or won’t?

Spoilers for Dexter: New Blood to follow

When one door shuts, another opens, as the saying goes. Well, Dexter: New Blood seems to have taken that very literally with its climax to season one. Isn’t it true that as one door shuts, another one opens? The season one conclusion of Dexter: New Blood looks to have taken this to heart.

The serial killer with a conscience has returned to our screens after a decade of feeling he had gotten away with murder. Even in the beautiful hamlet of Iron Lake, the Dark Passenger’s call was too strong for him to ignore. After ten years of believing he had gotten away with murder, the serial killer with a conscience returned to our screens. Even living in the beautiful hamlet of Iron Lake wasn’t enough to keep the Dark Passenger from haunting him.

Dexter: New Blood




When you add in the return of your long-lost child, it was only a matter of time before everything went horribly wrong. While it appears that the show’s future is pretty much sealed, Dexter has conquered the odds on several occasions and may now return in a different guise. Even the bosses aren’t persuaded that this story is over.

Are you unsure what we’re discussing? Here’s all you need to know about a possible second season and beyond.

Will there be a second season of Dexter: New Blood?

If you watched the season finale, you’d think the answer would be “no.” Dexter – who had remade himself as local store clerk Jim Lindsay – met a gruesome end after his background was revealed. Yes, the character portrayed by Michael C Hall has passed away, following a confrontation with his disturbed and distant teenage son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). But that doesn’t imply the battle is done.

Season 1 of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ premiered on November 7, 2021, and finished on January 9, 2022, with ten 58-43-minute episodes. Here’s all we know about season 2 thus far.

Dexter: New Blood

Neither Showtime officials nor the creators of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ have confirmed the development of a second season as of yet. Phillips answered yes when Deadline asked if he would be interested in continuing the story. ‘I’m convinced that following the finale, the numbers will continue to climb,’ he said. Finally, Showtime must decide whether or not they want more. If you asked me if I’d be interested in doing a sequel, I’d say yes. “I have a lot on my plate right now, but I’d gladly accept this.”

After being reunited, it appeared like the two were finally bonding in the finale of Dexter: New Blood, with them both sharing their evil sides and desire to kill. They were both “born in blood,” as Dexter would say, as a result of historical childhood trauma in which both were tragically left in tears and covered in their parents’ blood following their murders.

But, as Dexter’s past wrongdoings began to come up with him, Harrison ended up turning a gun on his father after he failed to follow his own rules about who should and shouldn’t survive.

The first guideline is to murder only those who deserve to die. Dexter broke it by killing a police officer who was holding him in custody. Meanwhile, Angel of Miami Metro had finally learned that his old blood-spatter analyst chum, the enigmatic Bay Harbour Butcher, was still alive and well. As a result, the net was already closing in on Dexter.

Dexter: New Blood

Alcott talked about what it was like to be the villain who got rid of a truly remarkable anti-hero. “After we shot it, I was scared because I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, I killed Dexter.’ “I’m going to be America’s most despised man for at least a week,” the young actor declared (via Esquire).

“Because there’s absolutely some remorse that comes with murdering off one of the coolest TV characters of all time, even though it’s the appropriate conclusion, the ending the show deserves, the ending the character deserves, the ending the character wants.” When it came to the actual shooting of the climactic death scene, Alcott admits to feeling under strain.

He stated, “It was the most difficult moment I think I experienced during the entire shoot.” “I wondered to myself, ‘How am I going to put on a show worthy of all this hype?’ All this context is lost on me.” However, Hall’s and the executive producers’ instruction helped him relax. “In the original version of the sequence, the pistol came up much earlier, so the entire action was at gunpoint,” Alcott recalls.

“We learned when tinkering with it that it appears later, which allows for a more nuanced scene.” It’s less about an enraged son shooting his father and more about a mutual realisation that this is how it’s intended to end and that anything else won’t work.”

“It’s a contentious ending,” Alcott continued. “But I also feel tremendously fortunate to be a part of a tale that will have a broad impact.” Whether it makes them angry, happy, or sad, whether it makes them hate me, or whatever, it’s nice to tell stories that have an impact on people.” Despite the death of the main character, the show’s producers have already announced plans for season two.

“It’s all in Showtime’s hands,” showrunner Clyde Phillips told TVLine. ‘We want to do Harrison,’ they may call me and say. We want you to figure it out,’ I’m pretty busy right now, but I’d drop everything and dive straight in. I’d love to do that, but Showtime has the final say.” The network’s desire for Dexter: New Blood to continue has been backed up by strong ratings, which they would undoubtedly be eager to cash in on while they can.

Dexter: New Blood

According to TV Line, the show was the most watched Showtime series ever, with an average of 8 million weekly viewers across all platforms. On premiere night alone, 3 million viewers tuned in, making it the most-watched Showtime finale in eight years, falling just shy of the 3.3 million viewers that came in for the Dexter conclusion in 2013.

There has been no formal statement concerning its return as of February 2022. But give it time… clearly it’s a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if.’

Who Could Be in Dexter: New Blood Season 2?

Dexter: New Blood new season will mostly comprise of Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan/Jim Lindsay/Bay Harbor Butcher), Jack Alcott (Harrison Morgan), Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), Julia Jones (Police Chief Angela Bishop), and Clancy Brown (Dexter’s best friend) star in season one of “Dexter: New Blood” (Kurt Caldwell).

Other cast members include Johnny Sequoyah (Audrey Bishop) and Alano Miller (Sergeant Logan) in addition to John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell/The Trinity Killer) and David Zayas (Audrey Bishop) (Angel Batista).

Dexter: New Blood

Hall, Carpenter, Brown, Miller, Chung, and Lithgow are all dead, and their characters will most likely only appear in flashbacks in season 2 of The Walking Dead. Harrison’s conscience may take on the appearance of his father, just as Dexter’s did when Harry and Deb appeared. The rest of the cast is expected to return. Additionally, as the show’s universe expands, new cast members may be introduced.

What Could Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Be About?

In the season 1 finale of Dexter: New Blood, titled “Sins of the Father,” which airs on Fox, Dexter gets jailed. Kurt murdered Iris, Molly, and all of the other women who had written on her wall, Angela discovers. Dexter is confronted by Harrison after killing Logan in order to reach his son. Harrison accuses Dexter of breaking his own code of conduct by killing Logan. Dexter is assassinated by Harrison, but Angela frees him after assuring him he would never be let back.

Harrison’s father has indicated interest in relocating to Los Angeles, thus he may travel there in season 2. It will be simple for him to keep the Dark Passenger pleased in his current position if it begins to stir. Audrey may decide to join him at some time, and Harrison’s half-siblings may also make an appearance later in the season.