Backstreet Boys’ holiday special axed on ABC due to Nick Carter’s alleged rape charges

The Backstreet Boys holiday special won’t be broadcast on ABC anymore 

After a woman who accused Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter of sexually assaulting her as an adolescent declared after one of the band’s concerts that she is suing the network and that the movie will no longer be seen, ABC had decided not to run “A Very Backstreet Holiday.

Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys were scheduled to perform holiday-themed songs from their new holiday album as well as timeless hits during the ABC show.

Ruth and Her Attorney Take on the Case


Shannon Ruth, currently 39, claims that Carter pulled her into his tour bus after a Backstreet Boys show in Tacoma, Washington, in 2001, when she was only 17 years old. She alleges that the performer offered her what he termed “VIP juice” before assaulting her physically. She asserted that Carter threatened to throw her in jail if she spoke the truth and that he’d potentially turn people against her as he was Nick Carter and had the potential to undermine her life.

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She also claimed that he was horrid and intimidating, telling her that no one would consider her if she spoke about what had occurred to her. Ruth continued by claiming that even though Carter had stolen her youth and purity, he was unable to do the same to her courage or integrity because she was and always would be a fighter. Ruth claimed she made the decision to come out now to prevent Nick Carter from doing that to someone else.

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The singer’s lawyer, Mark Boskovich, said that Ruth’s allegations led to the discovery of additional alleged victims who also accuse him of sexual assault and who, like Ruth, are all HPV-positive. Ruth, according to her, is autistic and has minor cerebral palsy.

Carter’s Lawyer Takes on the Case

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Carter’s lawyer, Michael Holtz, issued a statement in which he referred to the accusation as not only legally meritless but also entirely untrue. He continued by saying that Ms. Ruth had been unlucky enough to have been tricked into making false allegations against Nick over a period of years, and that those accusations had changed recurrently and drastically over time.

He even stated that no one should fall for a publicity trick pulled off by a cunning lawyer. The courts will swiftly understand that there is absolutely no merit to this argument, which we have no doubt they will do.