Backstreet Boys cancelled their concert leaving the fans livid…

Backstreet Boys’ concert on Sunday was called off last minute due to thunder and storm; fans are furious at the disorganization.

Fans in Hershey, Pennsylvania, were eagerly waiting for the weekend. The Sunday night that was supposed to be one of the biggest nights of the month with a rocking concert of Backstreet Boys, turned into a major disappointment for them as the show had to get scraped.

The concert got canceled owing to the bad weather. Near the concert time, weather updates for the incoming storm were received prompting a tweet from Hershey PA official handle for all the concert-goers to seek shelter and remain confined to their cars. As the thunderstorm with downpour passed over, fans were rejoiced to see the stadium gates opening again and Backstreet Boys making their way to the stage, but it was only momentary.

Another announcement for another thunderstorm was shortly made due to which the night show had to be pulled off and organizers urged the audience to leave immediately for safety purposes. Backstreet Boys, too, informed about calling off the concert on twitter with a promise to return. However, none of it could pacify the fans who were furious with how the things at the concerts were handled.

Some of them took to Twitter to vent out their frustration about how utter disorderly the whole show was. Few fans complained about no presence of proper security to manage the traffic and help people to get out of the place. Demanding the refund, people said it was a very clumsy process, where fans waited for hours in the queue to get their seats, to exit to the parking lot in herds amongst the chaos when the show got abruptly canceled; it was much unorganized on Hershey’s part.

Backstreet Boys cancelled their concert leaving the fans livid... 1
Angry fans over the poor show at the Backstreet Boys’ concert on Sunday at Pennsylvania.

Fans are very much pissed off with the bummer night that they had to experience, and no update on the schedule of the postponed concert from the organizers is only adding to their anguish. On Saturday, a concert of Backstreet Boys at WinStar World and Casino Resort in Oklahoma too had to be pulled off and postponed due to the grueling weather.