A’Ziah King Lashes Out at A24 for Robbing her of the Credit for Zola

A’Ziah King unhappy with A24

Back in 2015, film producer A’Ziah King’s tweets went viral. It was a 148 tweet thread in which she shares her experience where she followed a stripper to Florida. This twitter thread was also the inspiration for the Netflix film “Zola”. The Independent Spirit Awards released their list of nominations in December and only co writers Janicza Bravo and Jeremy O. Harris were in that list. Furthermore, King was not even included in the writers category.

Why Real life Zola A'Ziah King is Mad at A24
Instagram/ A’Ziah King

Reason Behind the Drama

Zola is a film that revolves around a stripper named Zola. She meets a woman and follows her to Florida in order to make easy money. However, a major turn of events follow with her boyfriend and pimp.

A’Ziah King, took to twitter on Sunday to express her anger and disappointment. She called out the production company A24 for not giving her the credit she deserves. The film earned 7 nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards including the best screenplay. Even though the film has a disclaimer that says “Based on the tweets by A’Ziah King”, she was not in the nomination’s list as a writer.

Why Real life Zola A'Ziah King is Mad at A24
Instagram/ Janicza Bravo

Co-Writers Supporting King

King’s tweets served as an inspiration for this plot. She also produced the film along with David Kushner, in a series of tweets, later on Sunday explained her beef with A24. The co-writer Jeremy O. Harris came out in support of King. The director of the film, Janicza Bravo also posted an Instagram story with the caption

“This movie was dope all because of a Twitter story by [A’Ziah ‘Zola’ King].”

King’s displeasure is well justified. Without her tweets the film would not have been possible. She claimed that she worked with Janicza Bravo as it was made but was still robbed of her credit.