IFC Purchased the Rights for the Okuno’s Thriller ‘Watcher’ at Sundance

“Watcher”: IFC and AMC buys Okuno’s thriller

Okuno’s thriller movie named ‘Watcher’ was sold to Shudder. The movie has already premiered this year at Sundance Film Festival. Moreover, Shudder is the digital platform in the ownership of IFC films along with AMC Network. Reportedly IFC has planned the movie’s release in 2022 probably on VOD. However, the date is yet to be announced.

A still From Watcher

An exceptional horror thriller

Shudder is known for streaming horror content. This time around the platform has grabbed yet another masterpiece. Directed by Chloe Okuno,

“Watcher” is a movie heavy on suspense and thrill. The movie follows a woman who has newly moved in with her fiancé. Consequently, things start to get creepy as she feels that someone is stalking her. The suspense thriller stars Karl GlusmanMaika Monroe, and Burn Gorman from Torchwood. We are already feeling the chills!

Maika Monroe
Instagram|Maika Monroe

Why does the movie stand out

According to Variety, Arianna Bocco, the president of IFC spoke highly of the movie’s director. The president said that she finds Okuno’s mindset of combining horror and thrill commendable. Moreover, Bocco praised the director for providing an exceptional experience that resonates with the audience on a personal level. Eventually, the IFC President felt honoured to introduce such talent to the people in North America. The movie seems to have a great appeal!

The Director’s viewpoint

“Watcher” marks the feature debut of Chloe Okuno. Discussing her journey the director says that the movie was hard to make during the pandemic. Furthermore, the director feels proud of her team for carrying things forward. Adding to her excitement, Chloe said that she was ecstatic to make a partnership with Shudder. Okuno seems very glad to be able to share her work with a vast range of audience!

Karl Glusman
Instagram|Karl Glusman

The Movie’s Deal

Roy Lee and Steven Schneider from Spooky Pictures are the producers for ‘Watcher’. Furthermore, Mason Novick, Aaron Kaplan, Derek Dauch, John Finemore, and sean Perrone complete the list. The board of executive directors includes Rami Yasin, Ben Ross, Elizabeth Grave, etc. Eventually, Scott Shooman who is the head of acquisitions and production at IFC made the big deal for the movie. Let’s hope that the movie wins our hearts too!