ATEEZ donates $71,000b For the Aid of victims of Itaewon Tragedy

ATEEZ helping South Korea to recover from the tragedy

K-pop boyband ATEEZ donated 100 million won ($71,000) to support victims of a deadly Halloween October crush of crowds in Itaewon that killed 156 and injured 197 others.

South Koreans declared South Korea’s capital, Yongsan District, home to Itaewon’s district, as a special disaster zone. The popular neighborhood in Seoul was hosting Halloween festivities, which attracted about 100,000 people by the time the surge of people began. Videos appeared on the internet showing a massive mass of people crowding into at least one narrow street.

Itaewon tragedy
Photo: AP

The donated cash by ATEEZ was handed to the “Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association”, one of the huge charity organization in South Korea for physical and mental support to the victims caused by the disaster.

The band made its first debut in 2018 and reached high soon enough after their hit “Turbulence” released in 2021. It was reported that the donation was a portion of the proceeds boy band ATEEZ earned through their global touring activities, which was ” THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL “, a world tour. 

ATEEZ' World Tour The Fellowship : Break The Wall
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It is said that silence speaks louder when you act than just saying hollow words, ATEEZ totally owns that saying today by helping those people in need and who are affected by the tragedy, through a reputed organization.

ATEEZ also wore black clothes as a mark of mourning for the Itaewon tragedy, when they were leaving for San Francisco through the airport for their world tour THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL.

And that’s not the only good cause the band is behind, earlier this month, Hongjoong (ATEEZ member) for his coming up birthday (November 7), opened a photography exhibit, so that fans can attend it and make meaningful donations that will straight away go to the scholarships provided for children who wish to make a career as a musician.