Ariana becomes a photographer: Kim Zolciak-Biermann snap with husband Speedo- Clad.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann, 41, is an American TV actress and a singer. The ‘Don’t Be Tody’ star seems to enjoy life at her best with her family. Kim, along with her husband Kroy Biermann and her 17-year-old daughter, recently posted two pictures on her Instagram handle.

A picture posted by Kim from one of her old vacations.

The two pictures posted by Kim clearly show the lively moments that she is enjoying with her family. However, Kim’s daughter Ariana Biermann is not in the photos. Moreover, the reason behind her absence in the pictures is that she clicked them!

Kroy wears his teal speedo!

Kim flaunts her toned body under the hot sun of the beach wearing her tiny black bikini whereas Kroy wears his teal speedo. The moment does not end here only. In the second picture which Kim posted, the couple enjoys the limit of the ocean while kissing amid the beach.

Kim kissing her husband Kroy.

It does not end here, as well. While Kim posted her romantic moments with her hubby, she captioned her photographs tagging her daughter and revealing the secret that Ariana wanted to puke. Though Ariana is an amazingly chilled out person by nature, she still wishes to barf when her parents kiss in front of her, which is another funny part of the moment.

Also, this is not the first time when Kroy wears a speedo publicly.

Last year in August too, Kim posted a picture of her hubby wearing a one-piece in his shower. In November also, she posted a photo of herself and her husband where both of them were in swimsuits.

Kids are always crucial for Kim.

Kim’s Instagram is not only having her husband’s or her pictures. It also has a unique space which covers the photographs of her kids as well.

Another vacation of the family.

The family last went on a holiday in April and enjoyed their vacation at its best. They did jet-skiing and made sandcastles. Not only this, the family’s female trio Kim, Ariana, and Brielle wore bikinis and posted many pictures posing on rocks and partying.