Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader’s Low-profile Relationship is Out! The Couple Going Steady from a Year

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader’s quiet relationship has completed one year

The Noell actors Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have been in a relationship for almost one year. The news came as a shock for their fans after it was recently revealed that they have been in a relationship for this long. How their relationship never came to the spotlight is a little difficult to digest. As reported by People, the couple likes to maintain privacy in their personal life and the pandemic helped them stay out of the limelight. As much as the news was a shock, it has surely brought a smile to the faces of their fans!

Anna Kendrick
Instagram|Anna Kendrick

What aided in maintaining their relationship’s privacy

A source close to the duo said that they are hysterical people and they must keep each other amused at all times, and we couldn’t agree more. The 36-year-old actress has not shared any pictures with her boyfriend on her social media accounts maintaining her relationship’s secret.

Kendric has openly talked about her opinions on dating in the past and has stated that no relationship is a failure, we learn from our mistakes, and we grow. Now that she’s finally dating, we can’t wait to hear all about the experience!

Bill Halder
Beau Grealy

The love story which remained undiscovered

According to People, the two stars met years ago and have been dating for a year now. The duo has worked together on a Disney Movie Noelle, and they played the role of siblings and as Santa Claus’s kids.

Anna Kendrick
Instagram|Anna Kendrick

Their love story began after the movie. Hader had dated Rachel Bilson before that and broke up after six months of making their relationship public. Bill has also been married previously to Maggie Carey for 12 years. The IT actor is the father of three daughters, Harper, Hannah, and Hayley.

Happy Together

While the two actors have still not stated anything on their own, their source has spilled the tea. According to the source, Anna is very happy in the relationship. The star couple’s private relationship is out in the open now and has attracted a lot of sentiments from their fans. The people are going crazy on Twitter expressing their jealousy through memes and whatnot. I guess no one was quite prepared for it, but we still wish the best for the couple!