Anna Faris accused the late director for giving hardest time on the sets

Anna Faris and her initial experience of the film industry with the late director

Actress Anna Faris accused the late director Ivan Reitman, of creating one of her hardest times on the set of the 2006 film My Super EX-Girlfriend. The actress recalled the times when she was being yelled at by Ivan Reitman and got slapped at her bottom by him while on the set.

Anna Faris

The 45 years old actress made the allegation of bullying during the early stage of her carrier by the late director. The Scary Movie actress revealed her tough times during the latest episode of her podcast Unqualified.

The reminiscence of the painful incidents

Speaking on her show she revealed the director Ivan Reitman’s behavior. She remembered how one of her hardest movie experiences was Ivan Reitman.

She further said that they were trying to make a comedy movie under the reign of terror because he will start yelling at no time and will bring someone down daily and she was the prey of this yelling on her first day of work with the director.


Anna Faris, who played the role of Hannah Lewis in the romcom movie said her first scene was a fight scene filmed in winter in New York. She explained that before her first shot her makeup artist accidentally knocked a jar of wig glue over her character’s costume which made her late to the set.

The then terrified Anna Faris when late to set due to the wig glue incident; she got yelled at in the middle of the street by the director which made her feel humiliated, hurt and angry.

When she charged the director about not knowing about the incident in the makeup room he got to quit and went back to the cameras and later slapped her bottom too which made her truly uncomfortable.

The fight alone and facing the wrong alone because no one there to support

Ana Faris further said that she couldn’t stand up against this humiliation and no one else also did so because he was the director and she was at the bottom of the ladder.


She remembers how she has to forcefully giggle out when the director slapped her bottom in front of the whole crew which made her feel small as he wouldn’t have done the bottom slapping things to a male actor.

Anna Faris shared her story on her podcast show with a guest presenter on Wednesday, Lena Dunham.