Amid rising of COVID-19, Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of England has again decided to impose lockdown. Read more updates now!

On 12th March, 2020 COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Since then, World Health Organization (WHO) has asked every country to take action against the virus. The only solution to stop the virus from its spread was lockdown. Many countries have lifted up the lockdowns since then. But, that doesn’t make a remark that virus is no more in the environment. 2nd wave of the virus is more dangerous and thus England has decided for the second lockdown.

That means everything will be again work from home.

From Thursday (5th November, 2020), the England is under 2nd national lockdown

The England parliament on Wednesday agreed for 2nd lockdown with 516 majority votes. Johnson told the parliament that the lockdown will be gradually lifted so that people can have at least a normal Christmas gathering. Moreover, Johnson has already warned everyone that COVID-19 cases in England will soon shoot up.

Although, opposition party leader, Keir Starmer said that lifting up the lockdown even after the cases are rising will be foolishness. Senior minister Michael Gove also said that lockdown may last even after 2nd December if the rise in COVID-19 cases doesn’t stop.

However Johnson has said that lockdown will be automatically off after 2nd December, 2020

He said that after seeing what other continental friends are planning, he cannot risk with lives of British people. Recently nations like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, France and Germany have imposed 2nd lockdown after sudden shoot up in COVID-19 cases.

New rules for 2nd lockdown in England

  1. Pubs and restaurants will remain closed.
  2. Stay home until it is emergency
  3. No public or indoor gathering.
  4. All the educational institution will remain close.
  5. A person can meet a person outside but no get together.