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It seems like this year’s presidential election in the United States is making everyone curious about the result. With the numbers coming in, we are sure that it is going to be a stiff competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Who Is Going To Win This Time: Joe Biden Or Donald Trump?

While the final decision is still yet to come, the electoral poll numbers are here and it seems like Democratic leader Joe Biden is leading with a number 243 while Donald Trump’s tally numbers are standing somewhere at 217.

Moreover, while in states like Pennsylvania, Nevada, South, Alsaka, Oklahoma, Georgia, and North Dakota, the votes are in favor of Donald Trump. However, the votes in Bew York, Washington, DC, California, Hawaii are voting in favor of the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. So, it seems like the play is going to be a tough one for both the leaders. 

It Is Going To Be A Stiff Competition For Both Of Them!

However, the decision is still pending, and like every time people are still awaiting the big win which is going to be a tough win keeping the surprising electoral polls in mind. Who is going to the ultimate winner this time? Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Both the leaders have put up an impressive  election campaign and now the people are all set to make their decision.

Well, that’s what we need to find out when the final results comes out. Considering the electoral numbers in mind, the presidential race is going to be one tense process with the margin being quite thin between the two. For now, it seems like Joe Biden is leading with an impressive number of 264.