Akon Thanks & Praise Eminem For his biggest hit ‘Smack that’

How Eminem stepped in to make ‘Smack That’ the biggest hit :  Shares Akon

A hit song ‘Smack That’ released in 2000 and gave birth to the catchy tunes and pop music trends. This hit song ‘Smack That’ got famous as the song of catchy tunes by Akon and Eminem.

Picture: Instagram | @akon

The Lonely Singer talked about Eminem in an episode of podcast The Bootleg Kev Podcast and also talked about collaborations with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

He said in that episode that, ” It’s interesting because every record I ever put out, I actually produced, except Smack That. Eminem produced that record. Isn’t that crazy? He always had them small little sounds, it was something minute, nut it felt like Eminem.”

Akon has also said that he never expected Eminem to be so good at production. He was really impressed by the concept given by Akon. He reacted that ‘ Yo, I’m jumping on this one’ after hearing that he is going to make this hit.


“Once he heard my concept to it, he was like, ‘Yo, I’m jumping on this one’. And I said, ‘You know what, if he jumps on this one, this will be a single’. And that’s the only one we ever had together, besides all those we did. But I still have them. I literally still have those records today. These are all the records that’s gonna drop in the future” said Akon about Eminem.

Smack that has over 570 million streams on Spotify and over 950 million views on YouTube. Smack that is the 15th most streamed track in Marshall’s catalogue and Akon’s most streamed song ever. Smack that has really been a game changer in the music world.

Aren’t the numbers crazy for Smack That? The song and the concept has been hit since it was a new concept for the music world too.

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