What exactly is Deep Learning? Potential and Applications in the field of AI

Ever wonder how google translates an entire webpage to a different language in a matter of seconds, or your phone gallery group images, based on their location? All of this is done with deep learning. But, what exactly is deep learning?

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning, which, in turn, is a subset of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a technique that program a machine to mimic human behavior.

Machine learning is a method to attain artificial intelligence through algorithms, trained with data, and at last, Deep Learning is a subsidiary Machine Learning adopted from the human brain structure. In terms of Deep Learning, it is called an artificial neural network. Let’s understand Deep Learning better and how it is different from Machine learning.

For better understanding, let’s take an example of a machine that could differentiate between tomatoes and cherries. If done using Machine Learning, we have to tell the machine the features, based on which the two can be differentiated. These features could be the size and the type of steam on them.

With Deep Learning, on the other hand, the features ate picked by the neural network, without human intervention. Of course, that kind of independence comes ay the cost of having a much higher volume of data to train our machine.


Deep Learning has a vast scope and can be applied in various works.

1. In customer support.

When most people converse with customer support agents, the conversation seems so real that they don’t even realize that it’s actually a bot on the other side.

2. In medical care.

Neural networks help in detecting cancer cells. It also enhances the analysis of MRI images to give detailed results.

3. Self-driving cars.

Few companies like Apple, Tesla, and Nissan are working on the development of automated cars.