Ubuntu 20.10 Released with New Features for Raspberry Pi4 for Smooth Working. Check Out the New Additions

As we all know, Ubuntu 20.10 released a few days ago and it has got the most enhanced feature in it. In short, it has become the first ever Ubuntu that features desktop pictures for Raspberry Pi4. Yes, you read it right. You will now be able to download Ubuntu 20.10 desktop and run it on Raspberry Pi models. But, there’s a limitation to it. You can use it only if your Raspberry Pi models has 4 gb of RAM or more.

Both desktop images and server are supporting the module 4 of the new Raspberry Pi compute. However, again we have a limitation to it. It is possible that 20.10 images still boots on the previous models. And the new desktop pictures are only made for the arm64 architecture. Whereas, only the Pi 4 variant with either 4GB or 8GB RAM are supported with it.

Image credit – Linux Journal

The old version of Linux kernel 5.4 was updated and the latest Ubuntu 20.10 shipped the new Linux kernel 5.8. And this is known as the biggest release of all time by Linux. It has got 17595 commits which is the most achieved by the company till now.

However, one thing is clear that Linux 5.8 has brought a lot of new updates for us. It has got some new features and hardware support too. Intel Tiger Lake Thunderbolt support, Thunderbolt support for Intel Tiger Lake and non-x86 systems, Kernel Event Notification Mechanism, initial support for booting POWER10 processors and extended IPv6 Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) support are some examples of these new amazing features added to it.

Whereas, my most favorite of all these features is GNOME 3.38. This feature gives a restart option in the system menu. Use it and find out about all the new features by yourself.