What makes 'The Walking Dead' such a Popular Television Series of all Time?

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What makes ‘The Walking Dead’ such a Popular Television Series of all Time?

The extremely popular zombie drama series The Walking Dead is finally drawing the curtains with the eleventh season being the final season. However, keeping the show’s popularity in mind, the makers have been working on a couple of spinoffs and a movie project as well!

Here Are Some Of The Key Factors That Makes The Walking Dead Such A Popular Series!

The series had quite a good run with the eleventh season yet to air on AMC, however, this show has managed to be on track for as many as eleven seasons! Wonder what makes the show so very special and popular? Well, there are several factors!


The Walking Dead is not just a zombie story that solely relies on gory scenes and horror. The makers have made some interesting characters, a proper back story, and even robotic armies as well! You nake it and the show might just have it all! Fans surely cannot get enough of Daryl, Maggie, Carol, and other popular characters. Some of these characters are so popular that they have bagged their own spinoff shows as well.


Some Of The Characters Are Extremely Popular Amongst Fans

The show also shows how people can be morally and philosophically punished as well. They spare no beloved character and the story has often shocked fans with unexpected twists and turns. So, fans come back for more from this show!


The show has an authentic touch to it! The characters’ evolution along with the plot movement, everything has been great until now. The much awaited tenth season finale ended with a big twist and now we cannot wait till the finale season arrives and the story is finally concluded.

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