Everything you need to know about May 2020 Google Core Update.

Google is out with a new update named as May 2020 Google Core Update. Here is everything you need to know.

Google has confirmed a new update of Google on Twitter. They updated that new May 2020 Google Core Update. They are releasing a board core algorithm update. However, they had several updates multiple times in the year, so this new update will be called “May 2020 Core Update.” Google also said this is one of the biggest updates for Google to announce it after January Core Update.

Here you can see the Twitter post shared by Google.

This is the second biggest update that Google has announced since the beginning of the year. They are not stopping themselves to change even in coronavirus pandemic situations.

Why does Google keep On Updating?

There are a few reasons behind the Core Update. Here are those as follows-:

These biggest updates have been made to produce more noticeable effects across the countries and languages in terms of search results

  • Better focus on drops and grains in search rankings
  • To get an effective Content Relevancy
  • To increase or decrease the ranking of content relevancy as per the requirement.

January 2020 Core Update

On the second of January 2020, Google launched the core update for this year. And then suddenly after some time, the coronavirus hit the world, and the pandemic was announced that came with significant changes in search behaviors.

According to Google, Covid-19 changed people’s searches drastically. Nowadays, people are only searching regarding the virus updates, places with remote services, or where to buy their regular use products online.

The content relevancy has changed completely, people are accepting those content relevant which wasn’t relevant before. And the Google May 2020 Core update has also faced a lot of unique challenges as the search topics are now changed.