Future quantum computers may pose a threat to today’s most-secure communications. What does the report say?

According to a new report generated by RAND, it is proven that Quantum computers are exponentially faster than all of our current classical computers. The capability of today’s quantum computers is causing major risks to the security of current communication systems.

RAND researchers proved communication systems are at risk in the coming future. The RAND researchers have stated that the upcoming threats to current communication systems can be managed by the U.S. government. Only if action will be taken quickly and coordinated centrally.

One of the researchers from RAND stated that “It might be impossible to tackle some of the authentication and communication privacy if the required implementation of new security has not taken by the quantum computers are developing. The US government is holding enough to save the communication systems from an upcoming quantum disaster and to build a more secure future, but they need to start from now.”

In very simple words, redrafting is required to be done. The report is out with the result that, the nation is required to implement the required protocols from quantum computing is expected to take decades-meaning the experts are holding enough time to complete the necessary task to save the security systems.

What actions can be taken by the U.S. government?

Creating capable cryptography and cyber-resilience in today’s digital infrastructure can also offer a chance to adopt the improvements that have been used in communication and information system.

In short, the research has proved that if the government would take the required actions timely, then the risk reduction will be done. Along with risk, we also have an opportunity to build a better, safer, and convenient communication infrastructure. And the government just needs to tap that opportunity.