Matrix 4: What is The Future of Software Development?

The US statistics predict that this decade will lead to a 20% rise in IT-related jobs. Call it great news or not, a software specialist will have its daily bread on a table. Unlike other manual workers whom AI will push aside and leave jobless. 

So, what tech innovations might the future bring? Check the article and learn about the most unbelievable technologies that might become real.

AI and Holograms

In the future, artificial intelligence will back up many processes. The most popular example of AI is a digital assistant. Remember Siri or Alexa? Yes, the world will see more smart assistants. Some of them might be professional paper writers who will assist you in composing college papers or academic research.

Add AI to holograms, and you get a full-fledged 3D assistant. Such an assistant will easily replace those blood-and-flesh assistants we all know. If you don’t believe it, think of Tupac Shakur’s hologram on Coachella. He was resurrected due to the efforts of IT specialists and one male actor. 

Cybersecurity and Non-Virtual Security Measures

Because of cybersecurity attacks, modern businesses lose up to $6 trillion a year globally. No wonder the need for improved anti-virus software has already risen. Moreover, cybersecurity is a part of world politics. Remember the 2016 US elections and the last cyber attack on Ukraine? Now you got the picture. 

What possible security technologies might occur in the future?

  • ‘Preventive’ and ‘predictive’ cybersecurity. Like with a human body, preventing a disease is easier than curing it later. ‘Predictive’ cybersecurity means that the company can analyze the statistics and virtual surroundings. In the end, if some suspicious activities happen, the software will timely detect it;
  • A face-recognizing program at airports. This software will speed up the long queues at airports. You will no longer need to show your passport to the airport personnel. Instead, face-scanning technology will show all your data on the computer screen. This is especially awesome if you forgot your passport at home;
  • Hybrid cloud environments. The latter means software which automatically detects the threats and timely responds to them. No need for a human factor – that’s why this software of the future is so cool.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation or RPA are tools that reduce the human factor in a specific process. The software allows a machine to repeat the same action numerous times. Simultaneously, the machine might have other features. 

Think of a traditional vendor machine. It lets you choose the product, takes the money, and even gives you the change. Now imagine a technically advanced machine that can consult you on a drink and read your credit card. Sounds amazing, right? 

Yes, the world will face more ‘do-it-yourself’ coffee stands. As well as other technologies that substitute manual labor. Does this mean a crash of the manual job market? No, because most technologies will need a person to control them. At least at the earliest stage of the development. 

Delivery Drones

Yes, drones will be used in the future for mail delivery. Unlike the good old mail pigeons, drones can survive nasty weather and air predators. Mail flying in the sky… Sounds more like a sci-fi fantasy. But aren’t sci-fi writers the masters of predicting future technologies? Think of Ray Bradbury. He predicted Skype and wireless earbuds long before they were invented. 

So, why are delivery drones great for the future?

  • They are fast. Imagine you need medicine in the middle of the night. Sure, you can’t leave your house because you’re ill. In this case, a delivery drone will bring you the precious medicine and help you stay healthy;
  • They travel long distances. If a customer lives in a remote area, a drone can deliver their package without one’s need to leave their house;
  • They are more effective than a human courier.  In fact, delivery drones are a game-changer for companies. Lightweight packages can be assigned to the drones. Meanwhile, couriers will use cars and trucks to deliver other packages that require aboveground routes.

‘Trash’ Cars

No, these are not the cars one can find in the junkyards. A ‘trash’ car is a vehicle that uses the power of specific materials one throws away. Elon Musk has done a great job by introducing electric cars to the world. However, building electric stations globally will take time. Now let’s fantasize about which materials can fuel the cars of the future. 

  • Dandelion cars. The idea is not original. Brian Fuller has already introduced a car that runs on dandelions in his ‘Pushing Daisies’ series. A great eco-car that saves money and nature. Unfortunately, the magic car is imaginary;
  • Hydrogen fuel. Yes, we’ve all been tantalizing ourselves with no-gas ideas. If we learn how to let cars run on water, we will solve tons of environmental and financial problems; 
  • Fast-growing grass Miscanthus. Another option for gas-free fuel resulting in clean air and healthy lungs.

3D Technologies  

Currently, 3D technologies are widely used in the field of education. They allow teachers to build three-dimensional objects. For instance, the models of historical weapons or biological cells. Other fields where 3D technology is a promising factor are:

  • Healthcare. 3D tools allow healthcare specialists to recreate bone transplants. The technology is still a fantasy, but the scientists are working on it;
  • Food. Imagine you can create a product from paper-like meat or soy. With  such a technology, you may successfully feed the whole world; 
  • Automotive industry. Obviously, 3D printing will allow auto companies to save money and enhance their production.

Health-Scanning Software

Imagine software that ‘reads’ your body and stores the data in a blink of an eye. The health-scanning software will reduce the hospital load. It will also let doctors prioritize their patients and provide timely help. In the process of scanning, a digital twin will occur on the screen. The image of your body will contain biomarkers to detect illnesses. In the end, the software is a great way to prevent and treat diseases. 

Final Thoughts

The tech world has no boundaries when it comes to human imagination. That’s why it is so mesmerizing to follow tech innovations and dream of how they can change the human world. From delivery drones to digital twins, the scientists are doing their best to accommodate the world population and its needs. 

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!