Dan Gordon Coming Up With ‘Gladiatrix’ Tv Series and Graphic Novel

Gladiatrix Tv Series and Graphic Novel To Produced by Dan Gordon

Producers of the hit Netflix series coming up with another tv series, Gladiatrix, based on the women gladiators of the Roman era.

Dan Gordon along with Artist John Stanisci shook hands to work on a graphic novel and tv series as well.

Netflix’s charismatic screenwriters and producers, Charley and Vlas Parlapanides hired to work on a series as well along with Gordon.

Parlapanides praised Gordon and John, saying that both have been in film for decades and have an excellent approach to their work, be it film, TV, or theatre. He expressed his excitement working with such talents.

dan gordon
Dan Gordon/Twitter

He continued to praise and said that they both came up with an original story inspired by the original events. Like now, it is not uncommon to find a story and a project with so much intimacy that is full of drama, action, and romance.

The series is based in 5th century Rome where gladiator battles happen. this series would be new and bring a fresh perspective and plot as it would be based on female gladiators instead of their male counterparts. Fans could see both a graphic novel and series, both the project is under development.

About the series 

The story of Gladiatrix is based on real events. Gladiatrix, a Roman slave, daughter of Sicaria. She later came to the gladiator arena to play the famous game but was enslaved and kept in the city. The story follows how she comes to power by playing the deadliest game.

Credit: lotuslandcomics

Presently the project is placed under development. Both TV series and graphic novel, produced under the banner of Asia Minor Pictures. Other developments in the series will emerge once the project begins.