Google celebrates 124th birthday of Nachos: Ignacio Anaya Garcia, inventor of Nachos, honored by Google with doodle on his 124th Birthday.

Ignacio Anaya Garcia, the most significant food inventor, born 124 years earlier on August 15, was honored with a Google’s logo. He was the one who invented nachos, a typical Mexican dish. The Google’s logo was a doodle of an animated gif featuring the legendary nacho inventor assembling tortilla chips on a plate and adding a topping of shredded cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers.

According to Google, nachos were invented in the year 1943. The legend had created them while he was working as Maire d’ at a popular restaurant in the border town of Piedras Negras, Coahuila. This happened when a group of ladies from a nearby airbase dropped into the restraint for food, but when Garcia could not find any chef to cook food for them, the pulled-together his strength and talent and served them a dish names Nachos Especiales. And then the rest is history. The ladies loved the dish, and the recipe of the dish spread all over the world and got popular among them all.


The animated gif doodle demonstrates how Garcia may have invented the treat of food in 1943. While he served the dish, he names the dish Nachos which was again a part of him, named after the nickname for Ignacio which was also added into the menu of the restaurant and then later on gained popularity and love globally.

The doodle for his tribute was made by a guest artist based in Mexico City named, Alfonso de Anda. He made such doodle because there is not at all much information about the legendary inventor of Nachos, so he had decided to feature him with his famous dish. He had straightforward imagined Ignacio Anaya Garcia making his first plate of Nachos for the ladies outside waiting for food to be served and along with it implicitly communicating a sense of fun in it.