How Instagram Live feature fills the gap of Social Distancing!

The uses of social media have increased rapidly amid Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has constrained people to move outside of their houses. So, the social media platform is the best tool to engage with our relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Instagram users first got the real-time feature of video calling in the year 2016. But, then very less number of the user tried the feature to broadcast themselves. However, during coronavirus pandemic, people started using the features of live streaming very often.

There are millions of people using the live streaming feature for interactions while following social distancing norms. Instagram live has become a ray of hope to interact with others like Facebook.

Charles Porch, chief of global partnership at Instagram has told that recently the features have exploded. He also shares the stats of the user who are using live streaming features. He said that in the first week of there, there was an increase of 70% in the Live Story viewership.

Everyone is using this Instagram live for their own purposes such as fitness instructors are using the tool to take virtual classes, sportsperson utilizing for sharing their lives, and talking about sports. Celebrities are using it to connect with their fans.

Troy Johnson, an author, and prominent TV personality depicts that Instagram Live becomes is our new coffee shop or Bar. He also says that Instagram becomes part of life even after the COVID-19  pandemic. Celebs and well-known personalities are not only using live streaming for the promotion but also helping the nation to spread awareness related to the current pandemic.

Famous personalities such as John Legend, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber have used Live session to interact with their fans. Instagram evolves as the top trending app in recent times.