Honor MagicBook Pro- skip it or get it? Here is our review on this product!

The Honor Magicbook pro is packed with a 45W Ryzen 4000 power. There’s a lot of good features added to it, however, it still lacks some of it which makes it a bit lesser than perfect. Get to know everything about it here:


Design – Design of this laptop is quite boring. The upper body is grey with the logo of Honor carved in it in black colour. Next, talking about the ports, on the right side there are 2 USB Type A ports and a headphone jack. Whereas, on the left there’s one USB Type C to charge it, one type A and also a HDMI 2.0 port.

If we move forward to the inside view, there’s no number pad on the keyboard. And the thing which I liked the most was that there’s top firing speakers in the extra spaces around the keyboard. Thus, in all, they have tried something different which is quite impressive.


Display and sound – Display of the laptop diagonally is 16.1 inches, which is quite big. Whereas the resolution is full HD which makes the colours look lively. The images are sharp and in all, the display is good. But the camera placement could have been at a better place.

The sound quality from the speakers are good but not too loud. Moreover, the microphones are placed in the bottom so the sound of rubbing of your clothes may annoy the listener.

Keyboard – Keyboard is something the company has worked on. It’s of German type with no number pad present. This might be uncomfortable for some, since we aren’t used to it.


Battery life – performance and battery life of the laptop is pretty good. The power most of the time lasts the whole day. Generally it lasts for seven hours after active continuous using.