Solar Cycle 25: the Sun might be starting a new path with some major weather changes! Check it out.

A new solar cycle has been started by the sun. It is a period or a weather of space which can lead to serious results for astronauts and also the technology on earth. This cycle of calm and stormy activity in is carried by the sun for eleven years. And according to Nasa, a new one has started now.

Thus, this may ultimately result in increased activity of the sun for some of the coming years. Whereas, the new solar cycle is named as the Solar Cycle 25. The consequences of this solar cycle might not be so much visible on earth but the changes in the solar cycle are sure to cause damage to the satellites.

In addition, it will also lead to cutting off of communication signals. This is not the only consequences, the worst thing is that it may harm astronauts who are exposed to radiation higher than the normal limit.

According to the predictions made by the scientists, the next solar maximum when the sun’s activity will be at its peak will occur in 2025 in the month of july. Whereas, the solar minimum which marked the previous solar cycle’s end happened in December 2019.

Since Sun’s nature is really unpredictable, it is difficult to figure out when one solar cycle ends and the new begins. It usually takes months to determine this.

Beginning of a new cycle results in some dramatic events such as giant explosions on the earth’s surface which might be due to coronal mass ejection or solar flares.

In the words of Jake Bleacher from Nasa, space weather is a natural phenomenon which can’t be tolerated but we need to have good preparation to prevent the loses.