Here is every update about No More Heroes 3. Is the game ready for display?

No More Heroes III, one of the famous games of Suda51’s kitty marks the return of Travis Touchdown with a unique style take on superheroes. Here is everything you need to know about.

No More Heroes, a cult-classic Nintendo Wii introduced as Travis Touchdown. It has migrated to PlayStation consoles for few years. And after song long, No More Heroes 3 brings Travis Touchdown back for a new and exciting adventure.

The creator of the game, Nintendo has been noticed giving attention to the 3 updates of No More Heroes during Directs and other events. 

When is No More Heroes 3 releasing?

Though, the announcement about the new segment of the game was made in E3 2019. But no official release date has not been out yet, Suda51 said in November 2019 that they are done with 35-40% of the development.

According to the sources and these confirmations, we can assume that the release would happen sometime in 2020, most probably in the second half of the year. 

What No More Heroes 3 is about?

The video game will start its story eight years before the original story. It would look like a flashback of the past. Where how a young boy Damon met an Alien named as FU, and they become friends. 

Damon will gain alien powers while the government is desperate to catch a FU, but then they both are able to send FU back his home planet. And then the story takes a complete shift.

While going back to his planet, FU promises Damon to come back in 20 years but when he does his come back, he is not that cute alien with whom Damon met 20 years before. Damon is now the CEO of a powerful company while FU has become a dangerous criminal hellbent who is destroying the earth.