Ace no Diamond season 4: Will there be another season of the series? Release date and spoilers.

Ace of Diamond has finished its third season and now fans are waiting for its next season. For all the updates, dig in.

Ace of Diamond is an anime sports drama, produced by Madhouse Studio. The series is formed by the manga series of the same name and Yuji Terajima wrote and illustrated the series. The anime series began in 2013 and published by Kodansha. On 6 October 2013, the first season of the series premiered while the second season premiered on 6 April 2015.

Will, there be another season?

Unfortunately, there is no official update but we all know that the show is popular worldwide. The popularity of the series will definitely bring its new season.

What is the Release Date?

As we have the gap between the second season and the third season is of five years. But we can’t lose our hope for such a long time for coming next season. So, the series is expected to be released by 2021.

What will be in the next season?

As we have seen in the first season the pitching abilities of Eijun Sawamura. He was offered a scholarship in one fo the prestigious Seidou High.

In the second season, we have seen Sawamura and Miyuki and others lead a new team for the fall tournament. The third season ended at a cliffhanger and left many questions in its wake.

Most probably the fourth season will open with the raging match to win the trophy. Which team will win the Trophy? Will Eijun’s dream to play in nationals be fulfilled? These are questions that are coming in everyone’s mind.

Let’s see if we get all the answers in the upcoming season. Stick with us for further updates.