GreedFall New Trailer Overview ! All you need to know about RPG mechanics!!

A new trailer was released recently for GreedFall, on the Focus Home Interactive YouTube channel. The trailer gives us an overview of the role-playing game, and specifically the mechanics of the game. The nearly 4-minute trailer also gave an insight into the character creation of the game, and their attributes.

The overview trailer reveals to focus on RPG mechanics, which takes the platers on a journey, to mysterious and uncharted Inland of Teer Fradee. Another important aspect of the game will combat, as revealed in the trailer. The Trailer looks fascinating, and the graphics are very interactive. A female narrator explains the features as well.  It has a unique character creator which allows you to style the face and body you want to set. You’ll also have the chance to chose their starter class, attributes, and talents. It makes the game very personalized and interactive, which will impact on the type of experience you’ll have.

The trailer also discusses combat styles in full details. There is no one way but multiple ways to approach objectives too based on your character type. You don’t have to kill all the guards surrounding your target, rather, you could find a back entrance by making a hole in the wall, or you can upgrade the lockpicking skill to test out your stealth abilities.

The video has the pre-order link available so that interested players can book on for themselves. GreedFall is to launch on September 10th, worldwide, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.