Amid COVID-19, Microsoft has a lot to plan which will help world in journey of digital conversion

In middle of pandemic, everyone is forced to stay inside their home. Maximum number of people are experiencing work from home. Microsoft is among the best software company which is helping world to shift digitally more comfortably. In middle of adapting new normal, Microsoft have better plans to help the world in respect of digitalization. Certainly, the sudden shifting from office environment to remote work has caused a lot of changes.

As per now, Microsoft has released some guidelines which deeply explain how important it is to look after the world that is shifting towards digitalization

While working remotely, reimagine the work culture, teamwork and ownership

Microsoft has created together mode which helps in reimagining meetings and office culture in better way. It helps in maintaining same environment as that in office. Imagine a remote are end-to-end meeting where you can manage all your meetings, callings and large scale events just like you do in your office, amazing isn’t it? Microsoft with the help of together mode scenes has made it possible.  The latest update also allow to control your dynamic views too.

Courtesy: Microsoft
Structuring your workday just like before COVID-19

Unlike in office, we spend more time doing our office work remotely now. Therefore, we need to prioritize our wellbeing and thus Microsoft has also thought about it.

Redeploy the raw data and expertise entire organization

The new update allow users to share video seamlessly just like a office document. In fact it also make it easy for users to covert the information into knowledge.

Courtesy: Microsoft
Everyone should be part of digitalization

Amid COVID-19, frontline workers have suffered the most. Using Microsoft 365, frontline workers can experience clear, instant and secure voice communication using cloud.

Courtesy: Microsoft