Earl Spenser is Unhappy with his Sister Princess Diana’s Portrayal In The Crown Season 4

While the popular Netflix series The Crown is back with their brand new fourth season, the response the newest season has been getting is simply phenomenal! As the season unravels some new faces including that of Lady Diana and Margaret Thatcher, there’s a whole lot that meets the eye!

Earl Spenser Has Something Interesting To Say About The Crown Season 4!

While fans are quite happy with the newest season on the streaming platform, some have been calling the fourth season out for being a bit inaccurate with some of the characters wrongly portrayed thus manipulating the reality.

Lady Diana’s brother Earl Spencer is one of the critics who have been calling the fourth season out for being historically inaccurate. He has recently confessed that he is a bit uneasy about Diana’s portrayal in the Netflix drama.

Many Are Not Happy With The Character Portrayal In The Fourth Season.

Earl Spenser further says that he worries that people see a program like this and they forget that it is fiction,  adding that some of the bits out there are not real facts. However, he is not the only one who has been calling out the fourth series for peddling falsehoods and damaging the reputation of the monarchy.

Apart from Earl Spenser, Even Biographer Penny Junor, had shown growing concerns and backlashed the newest season claiming it to be historically inaccurate and even said that writer Peter Morgan invented stuff to make expensive and very rich drama. Moreover, Penny Junor further claims that the Netflix series has put up a cruel and unfair and horrible portrayal of almost all of them. We wonder whether this is going to effect how fans are going to see the upcoming seasons.