F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Reunion’: Fans Across World React to the Long-Awaited Special…!!!

Fans are as of now cherishing Friends: The Reunion! Only hours after the hotly anticipated exceptional appeared on HBO Max, fans took to Twitter to communicate their delight at seeing the Central Perk group together once more. The wistfulness began early when the reunion appeared another form of the show’s notorious opening credits, which is … Read more

Courtney Stodden Accepts Chrissy Teigen’s Apology for Social Media Bullying!!!

Courtney Stodden says they have acknowledged Chrissy Teigen’s expression of remorse for tormenting them via web-based media when Stodden was a youngster, however, is questioning that Teigen attempted to connect with them secretly. Stodden, a model, artist, and reality star, stood out as truly newsworthy in 2011 when at 16 years old wedded then 50-year-old … Read more

Chrissy Teigen gets back to Twitter: ‘Turns out it feels horrendous to quiet yourself’!!!

American model and TV character Chrissy Teigen have gotten back to Twitter subsequent to reporting almost three weeks prior that she was finished with the online media stage for great. On Friday, Teigen got back to the microblogging website, and clarified her newly discovered standpoint towards it by tweeting, “turns out it feels TERRIBLE to … Read more

Courtney Stodden calls Chrissy Teigen a ‘hypocrite’ for leaving Twitter over bullying

Chrissy Teigen left Twitter a week ago because of cynicism and disdain on the stage. In any case, Courtney Stodden claims Chrissy herself was the wellspring of a large part of the antagonism and disdain she got online as a teenager. Courtney Stodden, you may review, got renowned at only 16 for wedding 51-year-old entertainer … Read more

Bill Burr Criticized for Mispronouncing Singer’s Name at Grammys Premiere Ceremony!!!

Bill Burr’s remarks at the 2021 Grammys are starting online media backfire. While introducing a progression of grants at the debut function before the show Sunday, the professional comic got going by kidding about the first piano execution. “Was I the one in particular who needed to commit suicide during that piano performance?” Burr said … Read more

Zayn Malik Lashes Out at the Grammy Awards for Its Unfair Nomination Process

English artist-musician Zayn Malik had pummeled the Recording Academy and the Grammy grants, blaming them for being one-sided and degenerate, and disregarding the individuals who don’t keep in contact with them. F*CK the Grammys Malik joins a developing rundown of top artists including The Weeknd and Drake who have broadcasted comparative perspectives. Zayn composed on … Read more

Rihanna faces Twitter Rage over Fenty Beauty Sourcing Mica from Indian Mines through Child Labour

rihanna faces twitter outrage over fenty beauty

In the wake of tweeting on the side of the continuous ranchers’ protests on the edges of the public capital Delhi and confronting an extreme reaction from numerous Indians, US pop icon Rihanna is confronting another worldwide outrage after a newsbreak on her company Fenty Beauty under the focal point in India for sourcing mica … Read more

SHOWER Pic of Kylie Jenner is Trending on Social Media with many HILARIOUS Memes!!! Find out WHY???

The famous model, Kylie Jenner, has sparked hilarious memes over her shower picture. If you are a regular social media user, you might have spotted them. Read out the article and let us know whether the memes are really funny. Well, divulge into the blog post to know the whole story! Kylie Jenner and her … Read more

Sabrina Carpenter’s song ‘Skin’ creates buzz on Twitter!! Fans speculate it as a response to Olivia Rodrigo!!

Sabrina's song Skin is assumed as a response to Olivia by fans

Sabrina Carpenter just releases her new song titled ‘Skin’ on Thursday. People assume that this song is a written musical response to a rumored musical feud between Sabrina and Olivia Rodrigo. ¬†Assuming the latest song of Carpenter as a response to the feud with Rodrigo, fans have filled Twitter with lots of interesting tweets. Check … Read more

Netizens are angrily commenting on Kim Kardashian’s this BLACKFISHING social media post…!! Take a look here!!!

Blackfishing is a term used to describe someone who is white but is pretending to be black. It can also be any other mixed-race and the exposure occurs particularly on social media. Kim Kardashian is under a lot of discussions these days. The American socialite has been accused of blackfishing. The actress is presently forty … Read more