Will Novak Djokovic Miss French Open and Spanish Open 2022? Vaccination in Way of Winning of the Grand Slam

Novak Djokovic Could Be Barred From French and Spanish Opens

In this pandemic, The France’s Parliament announced a new vaccine law due to which Novak Djokovic has a high chance to be barred from the grand slam tournament on tennis calendar. In this law passed by the parliament of France, every single person whether be the visitors or the participants , all have to show their vaccine certificate to enter.

Second tournament in a row

Previously, he got restricted from taking part in Australian Open and got departed from Australia because he was unvaccinated.

Although the event will be in May and the situation might change but it will be preferable and favourable to abide by law passed by the Parliament. Besides French Open, Novak might be barred from the Spanish Open too. This is just because of being unvaccinated he has to suffer such.

Novak Djokovic
Instagram | Novak Djokovic

The Spanish Prime Minister said that even Novak has to abide by COVID norms to participate. The rules are for everyone and everyone has to follow them and so it is a very critical situation for Novak.

As per ESPN, England has exempted athletes from  many Corona Virus norms only if they stay at home after and before the matches during the event. It is a very dicey situation for Novak when he is chasing his 21st Grand Slam title.

Isn’t it shocking for a athlete being unvaccinated when one can see back to back big events on line to be played? Indeed, the question to Novak’s participation is not yet answered in public.

Once Novak pinned Naomi Osaka for not abiding by the rules and now the table has turned and now Novak is answerable. Fans will be highly disappointed if Novak Djokovic missed these tournaments as well.