Justin Bieber Debuts Song ‘Peaches’ During NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert!!!

The tune — from his forthcoming collection Justice — was stripped down contrasted with the recorded rendition, which will highlight visitor vocals from GIVEŌN and Daniel Caesar Justin Bieber honored his first appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert by appearing with a pristine melody! The vocalist, 27, played out the world debut of his melody, … Read more

Jazmine Sullivan’s Tiny Desk Concert Is the Self Care Everyone Need Right Now

Everyone should use some self-care, meditation, and good music to decompress after a hectic and unprecedented start to the New Year. Twitter users hopefully found just the thing to start the weekend on a positive note, ‘Jazmine Sullivan’s Tiny Desk Concert.’ For NPR’s stripped-down concert series on January 8, Jazmine destroyed when performing her new … Read more

Lizzo at The Tiny Desk Concert? Still People Want More? But Exactly what!!!

Rarely does it happens that a Tiny Desk Concert leaves people wanting for more? Only some artists can leave a long-lasting impression on the audiences’ minds. In this scenario, artist Lizzo showcased her immense talent as she hopped behind that now-famous “tiny ass desk” and kicked things off by belting “Cuz I Love You” with flawless … Read more