Gen Z Seemingly Only Discovering Eminem’s Offensive Lyrics Now As They Attempt To Cancel The Rapper!

eminem fires back at gen z

Disregard whether skinny jeans are hip or not, Gen Z and Millennials are presently at the battle over Eminem, with more youthful listeners demanding the rapper is canceled over his violent lyrics. In spite of the rapper being around since before some Gen Z was even conceived (between 1997-2012), they’ve as of late come to … Read more

Eminem Cancelled By Gen Z: Here’s All You Need To Know About The ‘#CancelEminem’ Debate

Eminem as of late turned into a moving subject of conversation on Twitter after “Eminem Cancelled by Gen Z” news stood out as truly newsworthy. Here’s all you require to know All Eminem fans have been energized after the information on “Gen Z attempting to drop Eminem” did the rounds via web-based media and proceeded … Read more

Jimmy Iovine Sells his Entire Production Catalog to Hipgnosis Songs!!! Including Film Royalties for Eminem and 50 cent!!!

Co-founder of both Interscope Records and the Beats by Dre headphone empire, Jimmy Iovine has made headlines by selling his entire production Catalog. The selling of Catalog also includes his film royalties for the Eminem- starring ‘8 Mile’. 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Read out the blog post to know the whole story! … Read more

Royce Da 5″9″ responds to Lil Pump while protecting his friend Eminem!!!

Royce Da 5″9″  has just now proved his friendship with Eminem. The American rapper has responded to Lil Pump’s unprovoking diss against Eminem. Before any response of Eminem, Royce Da 5″9″ has already kept his words protecting his friend and responding to Lil Pump making his mouth shut. Read out the blog post to know the … Read more

Lil Pump Blasts Eminem In InstagramRant: You’re ‘Lame As Hell’ & Nobody’s‘Listening To You’..!!

One day in the wake of asserting he’s the “new Michael Jackson,” Lil Pump tore into another music symbol. The “Gucci Gang” rapper called out Eminem in an odd tirade on his Instagram Story, calling him “faltering as hellfire,” and naming him “old,” in addition to other things. “Ay, f**k Eminem, you is faltering as … Read more