Law and Order Showrunner Reveals Nolan Price Romance And Crossover Information

The series’ crossover is being highly anticipated

Law and Order is preparing to do the biggest thing they’ve ever done – a crossover. The latest installment will be joining forces with the beloved cast of Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime. To add to that, District Attorney Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) will be getting some interesting developments. Read on to find out.

Law and Order Updates

Law and Order

In a new interview, Law and Order showrunner Rick Eid has confirmed that a “former flame” of Price will be introduced in season 22 of the series. The crossover between the three series will be happening this month as a celebration to kick off the upcoming seasons. Nolan was added to the flagship series earlier this year, and this will be Dancy’s second season on the show.

Rick said that it will be someone from his past, not a bad past, but more of a woman past. This new character can provide some interesting developments for Price, who has never had a steady girlfriend in the series.

After NBC revived the new Law and Order earlier this year, the mothership series can return with a full-length outing, just like Organized Crime. This gives the writers to delve deep into the backstories and personal lives of the main characters, and introduce a new batch of side characters into the mix.

More On Nolan’s Love Life

Law and Order

Nolan Price is a senior prosecutorial assistant in Manhattan and has trouble managing both his private life and career. He has to be part of next week’s high-stakes case as well. If the showrunner is slipping details, it must mean that Price will reunite with someone that he let get away. Perhaps now they’re both in a better position to make this work.

Aside from that, Law and Order will be handling some really sensitive modern-day cases in the new episodes.