Untrackable ‘Strange Nugget’ Particles may be the reason for Unexplained Glitches in Pulsars!

The universe is full of mysterious things and the actions done by them. Some similar actions are notices by the stars. After every few seconds, a pulsar or precisely a dead star does quite an odd thing. It is observed after a lot of studies that they do a kind of hiccup. This consequently accelerates the speed of their rotation. However, it then again gets back to normal.

The fact due to which this hiccup sort of thing occurs is not yet known by the scientists. But there are obviously many predictions being made. Some astronomers believe that it is some internal procedure that goes on. For instance, a starquake or some kind of actions taking place in the vortices of the semifluid cores of the stars.

But there are a bit weird glitches too. And giving an explanation for their signatures is quite a difficult task. Recently, physicist Innocent Okwudili Eya from the University of Nigeria got an article published in a newspaper giving a controversial explanation for it.

He along with his team tried to explain that the tiny glitches are produced due to some hypothetical particles and they called them strange nuggets.

According to the newspaper they said that accretion of the hypothetical particles with pulsars could readily lead to occurance of some microglitch things.

Pulsars are a separate family of stars falling in the category of neutron star. However, these pulsars are have high magnetic properties and they even spin at a superfast speed. And there are a lot more interesting facts about these pulsars, while many a things are still not known about these glitches occurring in the pulsars. However, the astronomers are continuously trying to gather more information about it.