Scientists reveal that Giant Caves on Alien Worlds Could Be a retreat for life!

The volcano has hot burning magma inside it and when those magma flow out of the volcano to the earth’s surface, it is called lava. It is really fascinating to watch the way these lava flow. And after it has left a particular area, that place gets converted into various unique rocks and landforms. However, there are ways through which these lava flows can be hidden underground, it is called lava tubes.

The lava tubes have become a convenient target for exploration on other planets, just as it is on earth. The formation of lava tubes takes place when the upper part of the flowing lava hardens by cooling but in the inner part the lava still keeps flowing. Similar to what happens in a freezing river. Like the upper part of the river becomes ice but below the ice there’s still liquid water flowing. It becomes somewhat like a cave for the lava to flow.

An illustration of a longitudinal cross-section of a Martian lava pit. (Melissausburn/Wikimedia)

Previously this phenomenon was noticed to take place just on earth. But according to the reports, it also takes place on moon and mars. This may also be happening everywhere the volcanic activity takes place.

This is just another miracle of nature and a home to many microorganisms. The global activities taking place in it are beyond our imagination. A science journalist, Sid Perkins who is a specialist in earth science did a deep study about these lava tubes and came up with a researched article on the possibilities of lava tubes being shelter to ancient aliens and future explorers. He also wrote that these lava tubes are really long, sonetimes ranging a few kilometres too. And there are a lot more researches which will astonish you.