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Read below some do’s and don’ts after you get vaccinated for COVID-19.

The world is just less than three months away from completing suffering from COVID-19. There are numerous COVID-19 vaccines already in the queue. The world is already waiting for the vaccine since the day virus was found in China. Moreover, many countries have already started vaccinating their citizens. Britain, Russia and China are one of them. Countries like India, USA and other European countries have started training their teams for future vaccination. But the question arises “Are we still safe even after the vaccination?”.

Well, the answer of the above question depends upon whether you follow some general rules and stay patient.

Even after vaccination you may catch Corona Virus if you don’t follow some do’s and don’ts

The World Health Organization head has said that vaccines are the most important tool which will really help fighting against COVID-19. He has previously also said that even after vaccination we have a long way to go. He also added further that production of vaccines seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Goff who is a pharmacy professor at OSU said that you cannot just go away with vaccines. He also suggested some rules even after vaccination. He said that get vaccinated does not end everything. Vaccination is sort of long process so until then we cannot let go the “new normal” we have adapted since March, 2020.

Here are some of the tips Goff have suggested

  1. You cannot stop wearing mask and forget what is social distancing. Yes, even after you are vaccinated it takes almost 10-12 days to build antibodies to build up.
  2. You can take care of a friend with COVID-19. Since you are vaccinated you can take care of your loved ones when they are suffering from COVID-19.
  3. Make sure that it isn’t over yet. We still have long way to go. So if you can avoid going outside your home, then do avoid it.

Above all, stay healthy and stay safe.

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