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Scientist have revealed some details such as the organization of Amazorian villages.

Ancient villages have always been a mystery. No matter how much good instruments you have, it is very difficult to trace very single root of the villages. Archaeologist from University of Exeter in the UK has revealed some root canopy of ancient villages of Amazon. However, these villages have already been under survey but this time archaeologists have used LIDAR scanning technology.

LIDAR is a technology or a method which helps in measuring the distances by illuminating the target with laser light. Further, the differences in laser lights and wavelength can be used to make digital 3-D representations of the target.  This technology is also find in various self-driving cars and in the latest version of iPhones.

Jose Iriarte from University of Exeter of UK has even best Satellites could not helps ub but LIDAR did its bets.

LIDAR gave all the freedom to archaeologists to measure roads and other ground surfaces of these villages said the archaeologist Jose. In past, researchers was working from mound to mound which was not much helpful. But this time, researchers was able to see the layout of villages and connections between them via RIEGL VUX-1 UAV LIDAR sensor.

The final results were real amazing and better than past results. As per the results via scan, villages build between 1300-1700 CE have very specific arrangement. They were strategically arranged to represent very specific social models. Clearly, they have no hierarchy.

Jose also added that LIDAR has also provided them to research and characterize the amazonian villages by dense vegetation. In total, researchers studied about 36 villages. These villages were almost 2.5 Km(1.6 miles)way from each other.

At last, Jose added that these researches are just preliminary work and there is a lot more to discover.

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