It may be possible that every theory we have regarding dark matter might not be accurate! Here is what Hubble Discovery thinks.

Astronomy is the study of objects in the outer space and the things that are not detectable by laws of physics as they seem to disobey them at every stage that they are detected and studied. This is a field where less research has been done and more needs to be read about. Dark matter is the matter in space that does not interact with normal light and yet causes the intact nature of objects in the space.

Dark matter map (left) and Hubble Space Telescope image of lensed galaxies (right). (NASA, ESA, et al.)

The matter that is unknown and not much known about due to its inability to interact with the light that we can see is what makes its study tougher and needs to be worked upon. Dark energy is the energy that causes the expansion of the space and the universe as a whole. With advancements in science, it is possible to detect and possibly assume the presence of the cosmic objects through observations by telescopes that capture light and form images and let us view it from the earth through the cosmic radiations.

Hubble Discovery Hints at a Serious Problem With Our Understanding of Dark Matter
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What was the recent discovery on dark matter

Dark matter was seen in excess quantity as recently observed when compared to the scienc models and hypothetical propositions. This came to out surprise due to the limited amount of information that is available to us. The observation has deviated from theoretical models and has given rise to discussions and debates to reconsider our knowledge and thinking about the space and cosmology as such. This is high time we must pay attention to the field of astronomy as that is the field that does not have much information or discourse about. More young minds and technology needs to be invested into the field to be able to formulate laws of science.

Hubble hints we are missing an ingredient in dark matter understanding.
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