Fascinated with Jupiter’s polar storm? Here is everything you need to know.

Jupiter is the heaviest planet in the solar system and the sun and the planet have a center of mass known as the barycentre across which the two revolve due to its heavy mass. The planet has surprised readers and astrophysicists over the decades due to its storms that are seen at the poles and go unexplained from a long time. Seems like now with the repeated and continuous assessment of the storm, science has been able to determine the reason for the formation of the same..


The earth has storms due to the land and seas which create a pressure difference due to uneven heating effects that are caused by the sun to the two landscapes. However, Jupiter has a different scenario, being a jovian or stormy planet the cause of storms in that planet are different from one could think by taking earth as the reference point of discussions.


What is the phenomenon explaining the Jupiter storms?

The process of vortex shielding is the cause of the storms in Jupiter. With the vortex being surrounded by a ring that moves in an anti clockwise direction, the same reason causes the storms to flow in a clockwise direction. With further research we can see a better change or a phenomenon that will break our thoughts from the past and will help us better explain the storms in Jupiter.


However, for now, this is the best process to describe the formation of Jupiter storms that has been lowering in size over the decades as observations have shown and that will speak volumes about the changing physical features of the planet as well. Science is something that can amaze us with explanations that can in future be disproved.