Experiments Show that space can turn bacteria very lethal and anti resistant to antibiotics.

Few years back we saw India launching a satellite to Mars that included an orbiter and a lander. And this Mission Mangal (Mission to Mars) was a great achievement for the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). Likewise China also came up with a mission to Mars and launched its Tianwen 1 which consists of a lander, an orbiter and a rover.

The rocket was launched from the Hainan province of the country a week ago and it is expected to drop the rover on the surface of Mars in the beginning of the upcoming week. And even Arab launched the Emirates Mars Mission last week on sunday. While NASA is also expected to launch its Mars Perseverance Rover on 30th July from Florida.

While all the countries are in a race to travel to space smartly, fastly and with less resources and fuel there are still some facts that we do not know about that place. For example, the effects it can cause on every biological thing, human beings are also included in this. However, the research organizations are continuously working to solve all the mysteries of the place. But exploring the space is also not that easy. There are a lot of mysteries and danger that can emerge in out path.

The astronauts also poses a great amount of danger from something that’s a billion times smaller than us, bacteria. There are a lot of bacterias in our bodies, unfortunately we even carry them with us everywhere we go, even in space. Thus, when the astronauts go on an soch mission they do not know what harm those bacterias can cause to them in that surrounding. And in the recent reports we have got to know that bacterias aren’t effected by anti-biotics in space. Thus, it is really a hazardous task to stay safe from any kinda bacteria in space.

(Images credits: Pixabay)